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“LOVED.” It seems as simple as being a five letter word, but it is not. The feeling of love is something powerful, it’s something exciting, hurtful and challenging. But it also is something that we can achieve,if we can do our best to try to understand the universal language of love.

Its not taught to us in school, its nothing that we as humans are told how to do, where to find it and how it finds us;which is why its so special. The universal language of love is transmitted through the energies of eachother. Its defined and really discovered through our pasts as people when we are living with a goal that motivates and drives our adventures on this quest of love.

When your passion inspires you and points you in directions of life that make you live in the moment and be grateful for every encounter that you have,it starts teaching you how important it is to live with love and to practice it every day. Its not a simple thing, its quite complex, but it is learned. We teach eachother how to appreciate the love for ourselves, for those around us, and for the world through experiences that constantly make us more aware and appreciative of how special these moments on Earth are. We cannot take love for granted.

Being loved is an incredible feeling of not only fulfillment but also of accomplishment anddesire. Most importantly, love is the guidance that you are on a path of adding good energy, positivity into the world, not taking away from it. The goal here is to work together to combine different mediums of art and skillsets, backgrounds andstories, and different experiences, all to create something that shows the power of passion, being loved, and what it can do to hopefully add more love into this divided world we are living in. Allow me to welcome you to the feeling of LOVED.


Material and Construction Specifications

CNC Plasma cut 16 gauge steel frame

Precision CAD assist press broken

Hand welded

1/8” white translucent acrylic

UV Cured ink

½” Expanded PVC backer

Adjustable LED interior lighting

Battery Pack

Wall mount

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